Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Wedding

I have some more photos to share from the recent wedding we attended this past weekend.

Zakir and his cousins who live in New England. Nasim (on the left) hosted many great parties and we enjoyed her delicious cooking many times when we lived in Connecticut

Sadaf and her husband Mumtaz with us. Not only is Sadaf Zakir's first cousin, but she and her husband also went to medical school with us

Safa and Ariella (second cousins)

Typical Bilal grin

The beautiful bride, Urooj, and her parents

Grandfather and sister of the bride

Grandmother and brother of the bride

Us with the bride and groom, Urooj and Namir

More cousins

And more!

Shaheena and me

Zakir with his aunt who lives in Pakistan. She is the bride's grandmother.
I love Pakistani weddings,they are so colorful!

And on another note, we have to be at the hospital at 7:30 am tomorrow for Bilal's sinus procedure. Please keep him in your thoughts!


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