Monday, January 7, 2013

Playing with the pup

This young man spends more time in the back yard with our pup than anyone else. And sadly, that's not a lot. But where Bilal whines and says, "Will someone come outside and play with me?" Hamza will just go and hang out with Atlas. He doesn't care if anyone else is around. He generates a kind of nervous energy in the dog. They roughhouse together, roll around, get covered with leaves, and eventually Atlas will end up on the ground, totally pooped, begging for a tummy rub.

Yesterday I took the camera out for one of their encounters.

Look at that shaggy winter coat!

Not sure what they are saying to each other!

And Atlas loves having his left ear tickled. He will lean into you if you do it.

Ahhh! The tummy rub!


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