Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Another setback

I took Bilal for his ENT follow up yesterday, after being on antibiotics for 3 weeks. The nurse practitioner and door evaluated him and decided that it was better to repeat a CT scan to see where he was at with the sinuses. Symptomatically he has been much better, not blowing any junk out of his nose, but he has still not his usual energy back. So we had to wait a while for the pre-certification, but the CT scan itself only took about five minutes.

Waiting patiently
In the CT scanner. He was so well behaved!
And then we came back to the clinic to review the results and to talk to Dr. K again. Unfortunately, despite a significant improvement in Bilal's symptoms, the sinuses are as infected as ever. Very minimal improvement, despite three weeks of antibiotics and ten days of steroids. So the concern is that his symptoms could flare up again at any time. His recommendation is sinus surgery. Sinus surgery is not a cure for chronic sinusitis, but it makes the sinuses respond better to antibiotics if they get infected in the future. Since we have gone the conservative route, we have decided that this may be the best option for him after all. So it has been scheduled, for the end of January, after we come back from our trip to Detroit for a family wedding. While we are traveling he will be back on steroids; hopefully the pressure changes on the flight will be less traumatic to his sinuses that way.

So, not what we were hoping to find out, but at least we have formulated a plan. And sinus surgery in kids is not supposed to be as complex as in adults. We feel comfortable with the ENT surgeon, so that is good too. Next Friday Bilal goes back to see his cardiologist after almost 2 years, and we'll request cardiac clearance for surgery at that visit.


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