Friday, January 18, 2013

And after the snow

After the 2 or so inches of snow fell yesterday afternoon, the sun came out in all its glory. Sun, finally, after about five days of dull, rainy skies! And with everything blanketed in a thin layer of white it was gorgeous. So out came the kids again, with their jackets and gloves, to enjoy the snow before it was gone.

And Bilal had to sample some of the snow!

Hmm, tasteless, but oddly satisfying!

Bilal was actually the one child to spend the least time outside; he ran into the house complaining that it was too cold. But his siblings had a great time. And so did the dog. He enjoyed running around the neighborhood in all its slushy glory.

Safa made a half hearted attempt at a snowman, but there really wasn't enough snow to make it successful. And then the snowball fights started.

Yes, my daughter is so graceful, isn't she? And then she just gave up!

Good times!

And since the temperature dropped below freezing last night the roads were very icy. So schools started with a two hour delay. Even then, the buses couldn't make it into certain neighborhoods. So I'm sure the attendance wasn't at its best today. But it has gone up into the 50s today, and there is virtually no sign of the couple of inches of snow we had yesterday. In fact it's been a beautifully bright sunny day!


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