Thursday, January 17, 2013

A taste of winter

So it did snow today after all, but I'm not sure yet of the actual accumulation. It started as a mix of rain/sleet around mid morning, and as the day progressed it turned into fairly heavy wet snow. Fortunately the kids were home before it started to settle, and we had no further reason to leave the house. Hamza's school let out at 1pm, and Safa's and Bilal's at 2. Zakir wasn't as fortunate, but he also wrapped up early to get home before the temperatures began to dip. We heard of many accidents out on the road this afternoon, and judging by the slushy mess on the road in front of our house I'm not surprised.

The snow started to settle a little before 2pm.

And then it became heavier, as visibility became less and less.

Hamza took Atlas for a run around in the midst of the snowfall, and Atlas didn't really know what to make of it.

Soon enough there was more on the ground than we had expected.

Bilal ran around a little while it was still snowing, and then promptly tracked snow all over the house.

But at least he had fun!

Schools are opening two hours late tomorrow because there is a freeze expected tonight. And tomorrow we also go for Bilal's cardiology follow up appointment. More about our (rare) snow day later!


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