Saturday, January 5, 2013

A brief update

The process has begun. Yesterday we had our first home viewing since placing our house on the market 1 week ago. We haven't received any feedback yet, but hoping that it will be positive. I am wondering how many viewings it will take to sell the house, and over what period of time. Hopefully not over seven months, like our previous one.

We are enjoying the only formal activity-free weekend in January. There is something planned for every weekend until the end of the month, and even into the first week of February. I have spent most of the day today wondering if there was actually an event we were supposed to attend, and whether I just forgot to write it down in my notebook. That weird feeling has really been nagging me. Ah well, can't do anything about it if there is. Meanwhile we will continue to enjoy this low key weekend. Tomorrow Sunday School starts back after the break. Zakir will be taking the kids and I will just be catching up on stuff at home. We have been tackling the messy garage bit by bit. Last weekend the kids and Zakir cleaned out a couple of shelves, and re-attached some broken ones, and today I did some sweeping and de-cluttering. Probably will work on more tomorrow.

The babies came over for dinner today, and Bilal had some fun running around with his cousins. He actually went to bed today happy, without complaining about a headache, which is a first since he started dealing with his sinus mess. That's about time, since he only has 2 days worth of antibiotics left! We will be going back to ENT on Tuesday, and Zakir will take Hamza to his orthodontic appointment on the same day, at the same time.

We are also scheduled to see Bilal's cardiologist later this month, after about 2 years. The one appointment that has a tendency to generate a little anxiety every time. I'll be sharing an update on that in a couple of weeks.


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