Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Caregiver

When the kids are sick,

Tiny offers extra snuggles. She's such a sweet little kitty (when she wants to be).

Fortunately Bilal's sickness was very brief. He didn't run a fever after when it was checked by the school nurse. I kept him out of school the next day and took him to work with me. And today he went back to school with no problems. His appetite isn't the greatest, but I know that will pick up as soon. Thankfully, it always does. And I'm glad he's well, in time for his next karate test this weekend.

This evening Safa had her choir winter concert (sorry, no pics). And now she is in full study mode for her midterm exams, starting tomorrow. As we speak she is sitting in the kitchen, lecturing an empty chair about Macbeth and some of Shakespeare's other tragedies. English exam tomorrow.


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