Thursday, December 20, 2012

Some improvement?

Where are we now? Zakir took Bilal to see the pediatric ENT on Monday, after yet another sleepless night. He had a CT scan does that basically showed that all his sinuses are infected. It figures. He has been constantly complaining about his eyes hurting, his cheeks hurting, hurting behind his nose, and so on. The ENT recommended sinus surgery. We don't really want to subject him to that, since he just had adenoids removed earlier this year and the recovery wasn't easy. So he put him on steroids and a three week course of antibiotics. After the first dose of steroids he was starting to feel better, but then a day later he awoke at 3am (again) screaming with ear pain. And guess what? Now he has an ear infection, which developed after he started antibiotics! But we are pushing through, continuing the medications as prescribed. Last night he finally slept through most of the night, only awakening at 5am with his usual tummy ache and earache. That's more sleep than he (or his parents) have had in about ten days. We go back to see the ENT in 3 weeks.

Yesterday he checked out of school only an hour into the school day because he got sick, and today I figured it wasn't even worth trying to send him. This seems so much like a repeat of kindergarten! But today he is actually feeling much better. Appetite is still crummy, and he is still blowing out tons of junk, and his face looks puffy. But he has not complained about anything hurting since I gave him Tylenol at 5 in the morning. And he is playful, yay! So I am hoping that this is the turnaround we were hoping for. Just in time for our vacation to start tomorrow! More details on that soon.


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