Saturday, December 29, 2012


After going back and forth, back and forth, for quite a while, we have decided to take the plunge. As of yesterday afternoon it's official, our house has been posted up for sale. As of this morning there is a 'for sale' sign in our front yard. The agent will come to collect a spare key for the lock box. Then the showings will begin, I hope. Still having mixed feelings about it all. The thought of moving on to a new place is exciting; this is the longest I have lived at any address my entire life. We are historically almost nomadic, moving from place to place over the years. But the actual 'selling' is what I'm not looking forward to. We don't exactly live in a dirty or very messy house, but I would call it pleasantly cluttered. Now I am constantly trying to de-clutter, to make the house look more appealing. The kids are very rapidly going to get tired of me telling them to pick up after themselves. The teenagers are already complaining that their rooms don't look like their rooms any more. And depending how long it takes to actually get a contract, it might go on for a while. Our previous house took seven months to sell. We had already found a home we wanted to move into (the one we live in now). Two months into the selling process I got tired of spending more time cleaning house and less time actually enjoying being home. So we packed up and moved out. By the time our first house sold we had been settled into our new home for five months.

But this time we really want to sell before we move. It's less complicated that way, although if we do end up building, we'd have to rent a house in transition. So we are waiting for the first bite, and to see what kind of responses we get. Safa makes a good point that we have spend so must time and effort (and money) customizing our home to its current condition, so it doesn't make sense to move and waste all that. She has a valid point, but in my books a home is always a work in progress. If we stay here, I'd still be looking for ways to modify, improve or personalize the place. It's not like you're ever really done. So why would it be any different if we moved?

The home selling market is improving; many houses in our area have recently sold, so this is a good time to put our house on the market too. We pray every day that God give us guidance. If this is what is best for our future, it will happen, otherwise we will continue to live where we are, and be happy about that too.


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