Wednesday, December 26, 2012

More about our Gatlinburg vacation

After spending the morning on a scenic drive, we spent the afternoon doing touristy stuff in town. We took the kids to Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum, where we spent some time walking through the exhibits.

With Optimus Prime

We had dinner with friends and called it a night.

Farah and the boys drove in on Saturday, and were so exhausted that they went straight to bed. But we met next morning at Pancake Pantry for breakfast.

Breakfast was delicious, and worth the wait outside in the chilly weather.

After breakfast we all went to the Aquarium.

We saw Frank the penguin and his other penguin buddies.

And the seahorses.
 By the time we were outside it had warmed up and we stopped for ice cream.

And later we walked down to the Sky Lift.

A lovely view, although it got cloudy and started to drizzle.

All in all we walked a lot for the couple of days we were there, but it was a steady, relaxing pace. And we drove home with one day to spare in our vacation before heading back to work on Wednesday.


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