Monday, December 10, 2012

It's been quiet

Quiet here on my blog for sure, but also at home. There really hasn't been much going on, except school, work and the usual. This past weekend Safa took the ACT (let's see how she does on her first attempt) and Hamza went to a math tournament. No individual awards for him, but his team did win 3rd in the first (large school) division. Bilal and I spent most of the day with his cousins while Zakir had to go make rounds. So I suppose we were all busy, in a mundane kind of way.

After the boys ran around for about 2 hours they finally crashed on the sofa and this is what I saw:

Two little guys playing with their gadgets!

And what do we have planned for this week? More work and school of course, not much else. Safa's choir winter concert is this week. Next week is busier, with mid term exams, Christmas parties and yay, we're getting a new carpet in the bedroom. Looking forward to getting rid of our grungy 18 year old carpet, it's about time for a change!


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