Monday, December 3, 2012

In my kitchen?

What's cooking?

Spinach on the stove, looks benign enough. But wait, this setup looks more like a science experiment than preparation for a meal:

A small saucepan, a food scale, measuring cup, chopper and pasta drainer. All seem to be fine in the kitchen. But what's in the little white tube? They are actually reagent strips that measure nutrients. I don't want to give anything more away, because the mad scientist is at work!

It really is a science experiment!

The only other reason Safa would be using the stove or oven would be to prepare the few recipes she actually has mastered. Those would be instant mashed potatoes, boxed brownies, or as she herself pointed out, tzaziki, which actually, does not require either a stove or oven for preparation!

Think she's ready for college?


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