Monday, November 19, 2012

How is First Grade going?

Great! This year, again, Bilal has an excellent teacher who is motivating him to learn. His reading has taken off; he is comfortably reading second grade level books, and we actually checked out some third grade level books from the library to read together.

In September Bilal was 'Favorite Fish' and had an opportunity to share all sorts of things with the class.

And this past week he was nominated 'Good Citizen' of the week. It's nice, these are little honors that rotate around the class, so every child has an opportunity, but it still feels so special. He came home with a certificate, a ribbon, and brought home another class pet, Ruffles the husky pup. Ruffles went back today after spending the weekend with us.

Last week Bilal's trimester report card also came home. He is meeting all the benchmarks required of him, one third of the way into the school year. And the teacher's personal comment at the bottom of the report card said,

'Bilal is progressing very nicely in first grade. He loves to learn and is a leader in our classroom. Continue all the great reading at home. I am very proud of him.'

And we are very proud of him too!


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