Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hello, my name is....

.... Disoriented and Befuddled.

I don't know how to otherwise describe myself otherwise. Granted there is a lot going on, and sometimes that makes it hard to keep track of things, but come on, Mina! This morning I went to Walmart (yep, the dreaded Walmart) for some last minute groceries before Thanksgiving. I texted Zakir to ask him if he needed something while I was there, and then promptly forgot to buy what he asked for. Left my re-usable bags in the car too! Then I went to the bank to deposit a couple of checks through the drive-through ATM. That's when I realized that I didn't have my debit/ATM card. What????? So I parked and walked in to deposit the checks with the teller in person. I don't mind walking into the bank; the people are very friendly and efficient, but I love the fact that you can make deposits without a deposit slip in the ATM. Speaking of deposit slips, the teller handed me a couple to fill out, and I totally botched them, so that the machine wouldn't read them and she had to enter everything manually. She also suggested that I talk to the banker and they could issue me a new ATM card right away, and cancel my old one in the process. Good idea, if you don't know where your card is! So while I am standing there I start rummaging through my bag (seen Hermione's bag in Harry Potter? It's just like it. I can pull anything out of it. The difference is, what I get out never seems to be what I need at that point in time!). And lo and behold, from the absolutely least likely zippered compartment (I never store cards in it), I pull out my ATM card! So I give an embarrassed laugh, say, "Oh, never mind, here it is", and walk away as soon as the transaction is complete. The poor teller was so patient with me!

Two trips to the vet's today, to pick and drop Tiny and Atlas. Tiny finally is well enough to get her shots, and Atlas was developing another infection on his skin. When a lunch date with a friend fell through I called the hairdresser to see if they could work me in for a haircut. Turns out she's had some cardiac procedure and won't be back next week. Of course, she's packed next week, so it will be the following week before I can have that done.

And I had every intention of going in for my annual physical this morning, until I realized it's not until next Tuesday, a week from today! Thank goodness I bothered to look in my little diary before I decided to battle the traffic on Hwy 280!

And with the four trips out of the house I have made since 7am this morning, I have forgotten to return books at the library, every single time! So I'm just going to have to make a special trip for that. Videos and a few books are due today and I have no intention of running up fines..... again!


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