Sunday, November 11, 2012

French Convention

I took the day off last Monday to drive down to Tuscaloosa for the French Convention. Several local schools participate and express their talent and knowledge of the language with skits, songs, poster presentations, monologs and a variety of other things. Safa has been one of the students responsible for organizing the students for Choral. Although she still insists she was not the most qualified person for the job. Maybe she was chosen because her teacher is aware of how bossy she can be!

Here are some of the students practicing their song (and dance) the morning before the performance.

And after they were dressed up (yes, they even dressed up to perform!)

And then during their very energetic performance. Sadly I couldn't figure out how to get the camera to take video, so I couldn't tape it. But trust me, they were extremely energetic!

JCIB swept the competition, with many 'very good', 'excellent', and 'superior' awards. Their dance performance also got an award for 'most original'. And the kids had a blast performing. It made the very tiring day well worth it. Proud of them!

And now for a rare pic of me and Safa:

Looks like I was having a bad hair day!


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