Thursday, November 8, 2012


But thankfully for just one day. We are having the hardwood floor in our dining room and foyer re-finished so we are not supposed to enter the house until twenty four hours after the final coat has been laid down. Unfortunately we only we informed of that after the repair had started. Quite inconvenient for the contractor not to tell us before the job was started, otherwise we would have planned it around a vacation!

Anyway, we booked a couple of rooms at a local hotel and will spend the night here. We will be allowed to re-enter the home by about 11 tomorrow morning. Since the kids are going to be at school anyway, it shouldn't be too bad. Sammy will have to spend the night in the garage, and Tiny will remain at our vet's, where I dropped her off yesterday morning. She still has that nasty upper respiratory infection. Yesterday she got a steroid shot and some different oral antibiotics, and today I was informed that she is eating like a champ. Thank goodness, since she hadn't eaten anything since Friday. It will be good to have her home tomorrow.


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