Thursday, November 15, 2012

All County Choir

I took Safa this evening to Boutwell Auditorium for the Jefferson County All County choir performance. The boys stayed at home (actually, at the hotel), which was good, since by the time we got back it was nearly 10pm. From where I was seated in the huge auditorium it was impossible to take photos of the choir, but I did take one of the girls after their performance.

Yes, they both were actually carrying around their anatomy books, to study while waiting for the concert to start!

And as soon as we got back to the hotel, I came down into the lobby to browse the web a bit; didn't want to disturb the sleeping boys. And Safa came down for the start of her all-nighter. Math homework, and studying for her anatomy test. That child really knows how to procrastinate!

Unlike Hamza, who is actually a lot more prompt finishing his homework. He had some Math due this evening, an assignment that had to be completed online. He wasn't sure how good the web access would be at the hotel, so he finished it off yesterday (an hour or two of work for two days), and turned it in today while he was at school. Tomorrow morning he will be in school for just about an hour. Then he'll be boarding a chartered bus and headed to Tallahassee, FL for a math tournament. We won't be seeing him back until Saturday night. And last Friday night he was at school for a lock-in, followed by a whole day of sleeping at home. So two weekends in a row of not seeing him. Not something I like.

And earlier today, I took Bilal for his regular dental cleaning.

No cavities!


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