Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Robot in the works

Hamza has been spending many late evenings at school, since he is part of the four student te building a robot for the upcoming Robotics tournament, sponsored by the University of Alabama School of Engineering. The final event is this Saturday. Last weekend he met the rest of his team at the mall to test the robot they have been working on.

UAB had set up the course they will be using, for the students to test their robots as they had been built thus far. Several schools participating in the event to the opportunity to see how their bots would perform.

The course
And from another angle

Setting up

Yay, it actually moves up the pole! The students used a pulley mechanism
Oops, the arm fell off. But still time to make changes in the design!
Saturday's event is from 8 am until 4pm. Zakir has to go to Oneonta to make rounds and Safa will be at a debate tournament in Montgomery, so I don't think Bilal and I will be spending much time there. So I'm not sure if we'll actually have the chance to see the robot in action. Have to remind Hamza to take plenty of photos. Aside from the design and performance of the robot, points will be awarded for the information booth, presentation and marketing. There have been several students working on that aspect too. I hope it goes well for all of them; they have put in many hours over the past several weeks.


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