Thursday, October 25, 2012

Preparing for Eid al Adha

Tomorrow we celebrate Eid ul Adha. The day will start with a gathering of members of the Muslim Community for Eid prayers, followed by a few smaller events through the day. Safa has a crazy busy school schedule, so she won't be taking the day off, and Hamza wants to check in to school after prayers. So Bilal will be the only one who will actually have the entire day off. But school or no school, we still have to make it feel like Eid. So this afternoon I took Safa to the mall for henna on her hands.

 Nice, intricate design. First hand complete, and on to the second.
And the end result:

This last one is after we came home, and the henna was already drying up and starting to peel a bit. But Bilal didn't know that. So Safa took the opportunity to chase him around my bedroom and pretend to smear it all over him. It ended up something like this:

They obviously forgot that Mama's bedroom is supposed to be a no fight zone! Or maybe it just doesn't include pillow fights!


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