Sunday, October 21, 2012

Concert Night

I took Safa and two of her friends to a concert at Workplay last night. Great venue! And what a show! MUTEMATH is one of Safa's favorite alternative bands. Before the concert we met at Panera for a quick bite, and then drove into downtown for the show.

The opening act was a group called Civil Twilight, another alternative rock band, originally from Cape Town, South Africa. Not my everyday music, but quite enjoyable.

And after their performance, we waited about half an hour for the next band to get set up. The kids took the opportunity to snap some photos.


I had only heard a few of the main act, MUTEMATH's songs before, mostly from Safa's collection. I'm not so sure about the music (the girls loved it and were singing along to almost every song) but I have to admit, they really know how to entertain the audience!

Yes, for a while he jumped on to an air mattress and did some serious crowd surfing. Quite spectacular!

Confetti everywhere!

By the time the concert was over it was approaching midnight. We stopped for the girls to get another quick pic before we headed home.

This whole 'chaperoning' thing is really widening my music horizons!


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