Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Time Flies!

Today marks six years since Bilal had his tetralogy repaired. And the time seems to have gone by in a flash. Today we are blessed with a bright, energetic and spunky six year old. As he has become older he has started asking more questions about his heart. And we try to answer them as best as we can. But since he is more aware we though it would be nice to celebrate the day. Something we have not done consistently over the years. Nothing big, just a cake to enjoy after dinner. His cousins came over to play and they had a blast. I have been taking care of Farah's aquarium since they were in Pakistan, and today they came to re-claim it and eat dinner with us. I make coconut shrimp curry on Hamza's request. He has been sick with a cold for the past few days and he knows that Mama is a softie when the kids are sick, and would do anything to make them feel better. Including allowing Hamza to have a large slice of cake when he had already eaten one!

Earlier in the day I went to Bilal's school to volunteer at the book fair. While I was there I pulled him out of class for a little while, to join me in the library so we could shop for books together. And this evening, before bedtime, we read those books together. Bonding times!


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