Sunday, September 9, 2012

Cooler weather

Today we finally had the first hint of Fall, 2012. It was a cool morning, and drier than it's been in weeks. After the monsoon-like humidity and rain that accompanied Hurricane Isaac (even though it never came anywhere near us) it was quite a refreshing change. The sky was clear, and a gorgeous shade of blue, and it was finally dry enough for Hamza to mow the back yard. And that is basically the forecast for the entire next week. Mornings in the low 60s, and low humidity with highs in the mid 80s. Lovely! I'm thinking it's about to be convertible weather.

Sunday School has started, so that means we'll be spending most of our Sundays at the mosque for the rest of the school year. No more lazy weekends! And the next few weekends are booked up with one activity or the other. Next weekend is the Red Crescent Clinic's third annual health fair. We will be offering free health screenings, one on one physician consultations and flu shots at the mosque. The last two years were a huge success, and we are looking forward to another good event this year. Zakir is the primary coordinator, and Safa will be volunteering her time. I will be headed to Atlanta to bring our nephews back; they have been visiting Pakistan for the past month, and I am sooo ready to see the little guys again!

School is busy as usual, not a lot to report there; Hamza was at an overnight retreat on Thursday and Friday, and next week is a regular five day school week for everyone. Bilal had his first spelling test last week, now it feels like real school. We have got back into the routine of reading together every night, and I'm really enjoying that. I can tell that his reading fluency has really improved. He has also made a friend; a new family recently moved into the house exactly across from us, and they have a second grader who has become great friends with Bilal. They have been spending a lot of time at each other's houses after school and over the weekends. It is so cute to see them playing together, and I'm thrilled to see that Bilal finally has a playmate close in age to him, just as Safa and Hamza did when we moved into this neighborhood nine years ago.

And on a totally unrelated note, here are my kitties:

They are getting old; Tiny is eight and Sammy is eleven, but still the same source of joy as always.


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