Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Buster's visit

Bilal's teacher has a great way to incentivize good behavior. Each child gets to punch a card at the end of day as long as they have not misbehaved. After five holes they have a choice to either pick a small toy or piece of candy from the teacher's treasure chest, or they may bring home a fuzzy class pet for two days. Bilal chose to bring home Buster, the class puppy.

They posed for some pics and just hung out together. Bilal found Buster's favorite spot to be scratched behind the ears. At bed time he read to Buster.

They both thought that 'Curious George and the Firefighters' was thoroughly entertaining.

After two days of hanging out together Buster went back to school today. So glad that the toys get a bath every week!

And Bilal was back in the Dojo today, excited about attending the sword class.

See that grin?


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