Thursday, September 13, 2012


Or, it was more like the sound of a shotgun. I was driving down the road headed home from work; Hefty and I were enjoying the weather with the top down and some of my favorite music playing, when I was startled by a very loud and explosive noise very close to the car. I had a sinking feeling in my stomach as the flat tire monitor immediately went on and my car swerved a bit to the right. I immediately pulled over on to the shoulder and step out of the car. As I had suspected, my front passenger tire was flat. Thanks to the fact that I have run flat tires and I was not far from home, I decided to cautiously drive home at a low speed, frequently pulling over to let the other cars pass. I pulled into the garage and took a good look, it looks like the wheel rim is fine, but the tire is undoubtedly gone. Forever. Such is the nature of run flats. Of course, with the explosive sound that the tire made, even a regular tire wouldn't have survived.

So Zakir went online and ordered me another set of tires tonight. Boo! Another unanticipated expense! And meanwhile I'll be drive the ol' minivan again. At least we have a backup plan!


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