Monday, September 17, 2012

An impromptu playdate

I drove to Atlanta on Sunday morning to pick up the nephews from the airport. It's so good to see them back, after their month long vacation in Pakistan. And today their babysitter called in sick. So Farah had the option of a) sending them to school and keeping them in after care until she came home or, b) Letting their doting aunt play hooky from work for an hour and drive to their house to receive them when Adeel brought them home after lunch. And of course, we chose option b.

So I spent a few hours with the babies this afternoon. I was wondering if they might be jet lagged, and not so interested in playing with me. On the contrary, they were full of energy, and kept me on my toes the whole time I was there. We played with almost every toy they owned, and had a blast doing it. Cars, of course, are their favorite!

And after a stretch of playing, we took a break for snacks.

And then we played some more, until their Mommy came home and I had to leave.It's great to have the kiddos back!

And after I came back home Christina and I went to drop off my car and a set of tires to the local garage, to have the flat repaired. Hoping to have it back some time tomorrow morning.


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