Monday, September 3, 2012

A trip to Hunstville

This weekend we took the kids to the US Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville. We haven't been there since before Bilal was born, and it has changed quite a bit since then. We didn't realize there was so much to see, and that a few hours would just fly by so fast.

Saturn V
We bought our tickets and proceeded to the exhibits.

Good point!
Hamza wants a model like this to hang from the ceiling in his bedroom:

The International Space Station
There were some actual space suits on display.

And after roaming around the rocket park, looking at the rockets and missiles that were on display, we headed to the cool indoor Saturn V exhibit.

There were a lot of hands on activities. Unfortunately my camera battery decided to die....again. (Note to self: buy a spare camera battery!)

After spend a few hours at the Space and Rocket Center, we headed to PF Changs for lunch/ dinner. It was 4:30pm by then, I'm not sure what meal we actually had. But it was a good one! Yummy orange peel shrimp, my favorite!

Unfortunately we got caught in a rather bad storm on the way home and that slowed us down quite a bit. But by the time we got home our area looked like it had never rained!

Today we are home and enjoying Labor Day off. We spent a couple of hours this morning, tackling a closet upstairs, that was full of boxes (mostly papers) and had not been sorted through in a long time. After splitting papers up into 'shreddables', 'recyclables' and 'to be filed' I could actually see the floor of the closet. Not bad, if I might say so myself! And now if Zakir needs a specific paper, either tax, work or home related, I actually know where to find it (well, mostly!)


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