Sunday, August 12, 2012

A portrait session!

It's been a busy weekend. We had a blast yesterday morning, when we met our photographer, Samantha for an early (at least by our standards) session at Avondale Park. I was fortunate enough to have won the session in a contest. Typically we look for a special occasion for portraits, but a free session with our favorite photographer was occasion enough this time! Hopefully we'll have the proofs to share in a few weeks, but for now, I 'borrowed' a couple of pics off facebook to share on my blog. Credits to His Hands Photographs, of course. You should check out their website, and if you decide to book a session, tell Samantha I sent you. You won't be disappointed!

This one was Safa's idea! The wi-fi family!

This one is one of my favorites:

The family:

And my babies!

I can't wait to see the rest and order our prints. I love how the first few turned out!

After the photos we made a quick trip to the outlets to pick up some necessary items. After dropping the kids home, Zakir and I went mattress shopping. Just two days ago, out of the blue, something went 'clunk' on our bed, and now we have a huge divot in our mattress! It was probably due to be replaced soon anyway, but I didn't expect it to just die! Maybe it just couldn't keep up with a certain six year old jumping on the bed a little too often. Anyway, we went to a local mattress store and checked out several mattresses, several times each, and narrowed it down to two choices. Then we eventually settled on a medium density Tempurpedic memory foam mattress, and it is going to be delivered this coming Saturday.

In the evening we were invited to a birthday/ Iftaar party. So we basically spent very little time at home. Today we didn't have as much going on, but Zakir and I did get out for some major grocery shopping that was long overdue. Our fridge was really starting to look bare. And in the evening we cooked; Zakir make some delicious Filet Mignon while I sauteed some asparagus. And I also made meringues for dessert. My first ever attempt! I used the recipe I found here. They did not look anywhere as good as the ones on the originating blog, but they definitely tasted delicious! The recipe itself is a keeper. Perhaps I just need more practice.

Tomorrow is work as usual. And this is the last week of summer vacation for the kids. Safa is scrambling to get all her summer homework completed. The ultimate procrastinator. She must take after her Mama, hah! And this is also the final week of the month of Ramadan. It has been a great month, but reserves tend to run lower by the end of the month. None of us have the energy we did when we starting fasting earlier on. And there is big news to share about something going on later in the week, but I'll reveal it when the time comes. All in all, we are geared up for quite a busy week!


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