Monday, July 2, 2012

Yup, we're still here!

It's just been a busy weekend. Saturday night we went out for a graduation party, and didn't get back until quite late. And then Sunday I spent the whole day in the hot kitchen, cooking up a storm. In the evening we hosted a dinner for about 25 people. Thankfully all my efforts in the kitchen paid off, I just wish it wasn't so hot! After cooking for most of he day and 102+ degree heat outside we just couldn't get the house to cool! I think one of next big projects should be improving the insulation in our house.

But we haven't just been hibernating in the kitchen. In other news, tooth number 3 is gone, leaving in it's place a big gaping hole, and no sign of a new one yet!

And since it's too hot to be outdoors for long, Safa has been utilizing the cool indoors, no matter where. See hoop, will hula!

Today the temperature peaked in the mid 80s, quite balmy, actually. It still felt hotter because of the humidity, but the rain earlier in the day did manage to knock the temperature down a little, at least. Hamza came to work with me, and was highly constructive in filing papers I hadn't touched in several months. Please he did some work for Zakir too; we kept him busy. By 5pm this evening my fitbit was telling me I had got less than 5000 steps in today (horrible!), so Safa and I went for a walk. In fact, a long walk. We were out for about an hour, and despite the humidity it was quite refreshing.

Tomorrow we have some friends coming over and I plan take the kids down to the Mall for a while. Ah, air conditioning, and shopping, all in one!


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