Tuesday, July 10, 2012

They ARE brothers!

Hamza had a sleepover at a friend's house on Saturday for a birthday party. The party ended with the kids all going bowling on Sunday morning. So Bilal and I headed down to pick him up and had some fun while we were there. Neither of the brothers were much into bowling that day, but air hockey sounded like a good idea. First Bilal and I had an intense game, which ended with me narrowly squeaking in a victory. Then Hamza and Bilal had a go.

It was fun watching their expressions at they played:

They were obviously taking it quite seriously.

Can you see their expressions in the last two pics? They look exactly the same!

I spent the rest of Sunday cooking a dish called 'Paya',translated to (no, don't get grossed out), goat trotters! It was actually quite interesting and tasty, but nothing I would have intentionally planned to make. The last time we were at the butcher's in Atlanta I had asked him to give me a couple of pounds of chicken wings (for the kids' favorite recipe, of course), but when I took the bag out of the freezer they looked nothing like chicken wings. Go figure! So I decided I had to do something with it. The dish actually makes a rich gravy and tasted very good with homemade naan, from a recipe I found on Pinterest. Definitely not something I'd make very often (if ever again, hah!) but it was very well received at least by the adults. Thanks, Choti Ammi for the recipe!And the naan were a total hit, although they didn't look half as nice as the ones on the website I got the recipe from. I definitely have to make more of those again! I doubled the recipe and substituted 1/4 the all purpose flour with whole wheat flour to give them more substance.


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