Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Bilal had a great birthday today. He woke up this morning and was excited to play with the gift that Christina had let him pick out. He actually set up the track all by himself. Then after breakfast I helped him set up a new Lego set he had picked out. One toy that never gets old.

Even though everyone else was fasting I took him, on his request, to McDonald's for lunch. After all, it is his birthday! And in the afternoon there was a lot of playing with his new toys, mixed in with a small amount of screen time.

Later in the evening Farah and Adeel brought the boys over to play, and for dinner. And of course, they brought more presents! Ooo, Bilal really got spoiled today!

After dinner? Cake, of course. Since he is so into Lego these days, this is the cake I picked out for him:

A huge red Lego brick! Here is the birthday boy, excited to be having cake soon:

Hamza Bhai lit the candles.

And Mohsin could hardly wait either. See the anticipation on his face?

Bilal got ready to blow out his candles.

And Safa did the honors with the icing. On his face!

Look at that goofy face!

Happy birthday, little guy!


Stefenie said...

Happy 6th Birthday buddy!! I love the LEGO birthday cake. Very cute. Logan is really into Legos and I have been trying to come up with ideas for his cake too.

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