Monday, July 30, 2012

More about Helen

This has to be the longest I have gone without blogging! So much to do in Ramadan, and when you have time you don't have the energy. I am getting up around 3:45am to prepare breakfast for the four of us and there are times when I don't go back to sleep until 11pm. I did catch up on sleep this weekend and that's my other excuse for not blogging!

Excuses aside, I sort of left our vacation posts hanging, so here is more about our vacation in Helen, GA:

On day 2 we spent the morning lazily tubing on the Chattahoochee River. It was overcast and very pleasant, not too hot. We obviously didn't take the camera with us (didn't want any water mishaps), but Zakir snapped a couple of photos of me and Bilal, since we were the last to make it down the river.

After tubing we we back to the cabin for a quick shower then headed out again for some more exploring.

I love the quaint buildings around town.

And where did we eat?

It just sounded like a novel idea. And browsing the menu, there was cheese, cheese and more cheese.

I'm sure it wasn't exactly the healthy choice.

Yes, a huge slab of fried mozzarella on a bun, with french fries on the side!

As we walked around after lunch we found wild bunnies everywhere. Just chilling.

Then we drove around for a while. And we found goats! On a roof! Really!

The boys had a brief break before we moved on. Total relaxation!

 And if that wasn't enough to pack into one day we drove to Cleveland where we went panning for gems. The kids had a blast and found some goodies in the process too!

On the way back we made a trip to a very interesting antiques store. I'm sure it was a great place to shop..... if I knew what to look for!

And the gift shop across across the street had some novelties too!

Travel size Tabasco .

And the perfect measuring spoons for Grandma's recipes!

And when we made it back to the cabin in the evening we found a great collection of board/card games. UNO Attack was a favorite, for sure!

After that photo overload I still have more to share. That will have to wait for another day.


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