Tuesday, June 5, 2012

An impromptu visit

Yesterday evening, after I had cooked dinner, we got a call from Farah asking if we would like to come over and eat with them. Not typical for a weeknight, but who can pass up the opportunity, especially with no school in the morning? Zakir had had a busy day, so he passed up on the idea, but I took the kids over to spend some time with their cousins. Farah had cooked some delicious Biryani, which we all enjoyed, and after dinner the kids went down to the lake with Adeel to sail his new remote controlled boat. And Farah and I stayed indoors, enjoying a cup of Earl Gray and some peace and quiet. Oh, and a slice each of this delicious blackberry cobbler I had baked the evening before.

Safa took the camera down with her and snapped some photos.

A great way to enjoy a mild summer evening!


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