Friday, June 15, 2012

A fun day at Six Flags

We drove into Atlanta on Monday evening, and staying at a hotel for the night. Of course, several of Bilal's animals had to come with him. Zakir stayed behind, since he had to work.

Snuggling with Elephant, Fuzzy, Blackie and his blankie
We were at the park not long after it opened on Tuesday morning. After entering the park and doing one ride together, we split up.

The teenagers took off on their own for a couple of hours while Bilal and I hung out together.

The teens did this ride. I hung out with Bilal instead.
Bilal's favorite ride was a little log flume at the front of the park. Just a little splash of water, but a lot of fun. After that we went in search of the kiddie rides.

On the train. He looks so hot and sweaty!

At the train station

The ride that ended up being too boring for Bilal!

We saw the Dare Devil roller coaster as we walked through the park. Not really my kind of ride!

We paused to make sure we were headed in the right direction,

And then kept going and finding more fun things to do.

The Sky Buckets

At the Whistle Stop playground

Bilal's favorite.

 He waited in line patiently,

Then buckled up, ready to ride the bumper cars with Mama.

Bilal got a Batman cape at the Arcade

He wore it for almost the entire day!
Back on the bumper cars, this time with Hamza
Can you tell how wet everyone got on Thunder River?

Bilal's snack, cotton candy!

And the boys posed in front of the Batmobile before we left the park.

We were a bit concerned about the predicted 60% chance of rain. Plus, it was pouring when we left Birmingham on Monday evening. But it didn't rain while we were there. A bit more humid than desirable, but at least it stayed dry!

I have a feeling the kids are going to want to go back some day soon.


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