Thursday, May 17, 2012

Karate Saturday part 2... after the test

The new belts were presented and everyone in their uniforms had a quick change of clothes. Then it was time for water fights.

And frisbee,

and a picnic of some delicious sandwiches.

Safa was the official photographer. But she paused long enough to have her picture taken too.

And after some food and fun it was Pie Time!

There has been a contest going on in the Dojo over the past several weeks. People have been contributing money to vote for which Senpai and which Sensei they want to see pied at the day of the picnic. All the proceeds go towards accommodation for the upcoming karate tournament. Our kids are not participating in the tournament, but since Hamza is a Senpai, his name was one of the ones to be voted on. And he received the most voted to be pied. Along with Sensei Michele. For each dollar contributed, the contributor also had their name placed in a jar, to be picked as the person to pie the Sensei/Senpai.

First the pies were prepared.

Five per person, ready to go. Hamza obviously wasn't thrilled.

But he was a good sport about it, as was Sensei Michele.

And then as each name was drawn, they took them in the face

And on the head

Since I had also contributed a couple of bucks my name was in the jar too. And with the odds of about 1 in 100, my name was actually drawn!

And who did I choose?

Hamza of course! When would I ever get the chance again?

And after it was over, Hamza decided it was time to give me one of those rare hugs he tends to hold hostage.

And I took it graciously. I guess I did deserve it!

So we both went home and took showers. Somehow whipped cream doesn't smell that nice when it's all over you!


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