Monday, May 7, 2012

I wonder why....

..... of all the homes in our neighborhood, we are the ones that end up with the runaway dogs? First there was Molly, the three-legged dog.

It took us several rounds of the neighborhood and two days to finally get her situated with her actual owners.

Besides her, we have had the flurry of dogs in the neighborhood that tend to get loose from the yard and decide to veg out on our driveway, often when the owners aren't home. So we end up doing a bit of inadvertent puppysitting, here and there.

Most recently there was Daisy.

Her owners were both out of town and we have no idea how she got loose, but at least we were able to contact her vet, because she was actually wearing a rabies tag. And the vet was able to contact a friend, who came by to pick her up and have her boarded until her owners came home. The friend was just as confused as we were about how she managed to make it to our house (then refused to leave our yard),

And today, while Zakir was walking Atlas in the morning, he was joined by this little guy who followed him all the way home:

No tag, so we have no idea who he belongs to. Just a blue collar. We all left to go to work/ school, and figured he'd make his way home. No such luck. He was sitting at our door when I pulled up in the afternoon. So I started making some calls to local vets, but no-one had reported a missing dog matching his description. Then the weather got stormy with thunder, lighting, torrential rain and wind. He obviously started to freak out, so I brought him in the garage and gave him some food and drink until the storm blew over. But after the storm he still wasn't interested in leaving. I called the City, and they wouldn't have anyone available until tomorrow morning to pick him up. And the idea of him ending up in a shelter wasn't so appealing anyway.

Zakir took him for a walk when he walked Atlas in the evening. Around the neighborhood he walked up to people's houses, sniffed around and would join them back on the road. Then he heard a child laughing as she was getting out of a car. He took off in the direction of that house and didn't come back. We are hoping he recognized someone, although we're not so sure that's where he lives. So Zakir completed his walk and came home, minus one dog. He hasn't come around our place since then, so we are hoping he's found where he needed to go. I'm a bit worried what will happen now, but we know that we couldn't take care of him; he spent the morning freaking out Tiny, our cat who was inside the sunroom, while he was outside on the deck. Anything has to be better than ending up in a shelter.


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