Sunday, May 20, 2012

Choir Concert and other school news

The Shades Valley High School choir typically has several events throughout the year, including a winter and spring concert, and the dessert cabaret, a large fundraiser which the kids have to audition for. However due to various reasons, there was only one concert this year, and no major fundraiser event.

This year Safa was part of Concert Choir.

Next year she is going to be in Valley Singers, the advanced choir. She was assigned choir as an elective when she was in 9th grade, not something that she chose herself. However she stuck with it and has been really enjoying herself. She is also working towards going to New York City next year as the designated choir trip. I hope she takes me with her!

The school year is winding down. Hamza has exams on Tuesday and Wednesday, and then he will be out for the summer. Safa will go on Monday and Tuesday, and check out early both days after he exams. And Bilal's last day will be Wednesday. School officially ends on Thursday for the three of them, but they won't have a reason to go that day.

And speaking of school and exams, JCIB ranked sixth this year in Newsweek's America's best High Schools report. That's pretty darn good if you ask me. So glad that Safa is going to a public school that has ranked consistently high for the previous several years.


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