Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Back to the Aquarium

On our second day in Atlanta we were planning to visit the Georgia Aquarium (a place we've visited several times, but enjoy going back to) and the World of Coca Cola. But evidently the rest of the world had the same idea. We had no clue that the crowds would be so huge. It was virtually impossible to walk anywhere without bumping into people, and taking photos was even more difficult. However, thanks to some advance booking we were able to get tickets for the new Dolphin Tales show, which was sold out by the time we reached there.

We just got pushed through the crowds and were out before we knew it.

And then we had to scrap the Coke plan, because we had not pre-purchased tickets for that, and the lines were horrible. We had no desire to stand outside in the heat, waiting to get into another building packed with too many tourists to enjoy the place.

Whose idea was it anyway, to go to Atlanta on Labor Day weekend?! Oh, never mind, it was my idea!


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