Sunday, April 22, 2012

Our anniversary

Today Zakir and I are celebrating 18 years of marriage. We have continued to grow closer over the years, despite the inevitable ups and downs that all families tend to have over the years. Looking back at some of the old photos makes it feel like yesterday. But here we are, so many years later, with three wonderful children, a lovely home, a business partnership and so much more to show for it!

And I think it is the first time in eighteen years that Zakir even made me breakfast in bed this morning! A delicious frittata with toast. I can say that so many years later he's finally learning, hah!

Otherwise today it's been a typical day so far; I am at Sunday school with the boys, Safa is at home (hopefully studying) and Zakir is up at the hospital working, since he's on call. We hope to get out this evening and have a nice quiet dinner somewhere.

The end of the school year is drawing close already. Bilal has started saying "I'm nearly in first grade" and "I'm nearly six years old!". Please don't remind me hon, life is going by at too fast a pace already!

I am so blessed, I love my crazy, busy life!


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