Saturday, April 7, 2012

Lunch today

At Rock and Roll Sushi! Delicious!

I took Bilal to see the optometrist a couple of days ago. He has been doing exactly what Hamza did before we found out he was very near-sighted, creeping towards the TV. But in addition he has also been complaining about his eyes hurting and his head hurting in the afternoons. With Bilal you just don't know what to make of those complaints; sometimes I think he is constantly seeking something to complain about.

So even though he's only five, off we went for an eye exam. He actually did very well and cooperated perfectly for the exam. It didn't help though, that we finally got to see the doctor an hour and 15 minutes after his appointment time. Maybe afternoons are not a good time to go. Anyway, after a thorough exam (minus the dilation) we found out that he really could benefit from glasses, but he's not near sighted, he's actually far sighted! Hm, that's a little odd. But far sightedness is something that babies are born with, and it improves with time in most cases, so I'm hoping that maybe Bilal's will improve too? He does also have some astigmatism and that might be contributing to his complaints. So we have ordered a pair of glasses that the optometrist says he should only have to use on occasion. Definitely not while playing outside. They should come in next week. Hamza was 7 when he started wearing glasses, and by then his prescription was rather strong. Safa was older, and her primary problem is astigmatism with a little bit of near sightedness. She was having trouble with double vision when her eyes were fatigued and a prescription has helped correct that. Lets see how Bilal does.


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