Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My birthday present

Zakir got me a new gadget for my birthday, something I had been contemplating buying about a year or so ago, but decided against, because of the variable reviews online. But the reviews have improved, and the device has been updated. And now I am an owner of a brand new fitbit. It is a pedometer with some interesting features. At first I was skeptical; when your spouse buys you a fitness/weight loss gadget for your birthday, it sounds like a not-so-subtle hint. But it has come with some unexpected positives.

I have been using the fitbit along with an app called My fitness pal which makes it easier to track and add food consumed during the day. I think that most of the time I have fairly healthy eating habits, but my weakness is definitely my snacking. Now, as I log everything that I eat and drink, I am more accountable. I find myself snacking much less, and have cut down my meal portion sizes somewhat. After the first few days of feeling not quite full most of the time, I have adjusted, and now it takes less to fill me up. I am also making more sensible choices in general, since high carb, high calorie food consumption means that you have to cut your portion size way down to stay within your calorie goal for the day.

I don't really have much weight to lose; just a few pounds I gained due to overindulging over the winter. But there is always room for improvement when it comes to eating habits. And of course, the fitbit is tracking my activity. When I sync it to the computer I discover how much time I have been sedentary, versus lightly active, fairly active or very active. Sadly, most of my day falls into the sedentary category, (some of it is unavoidable; I am on the road a lot)but I aim to make some changes soon. It's good to be accountable.

I suppose I should thank Zakir for giving me a reality check for my birthday. And perhaps I should buy him one too ;)


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