Friday, March 23, 2012

Legoland Florida

Our trip to Legoland was definitely Bilal's favorite day in Orlando. Although, there wasn't a single ride in the park that was too big for him to go on, yet he avoided all the roller coasters, even the tamest one. The colors of the park were bright and vivid, and how can you not love seeing this?

The website for the theme park states that the park is designed for families with children age 2-12, and I think that's pretty much right on. Not to say the 13 and 16 year old kids didn't have fun, but there was a lot more for even the younger kids to do.

The colors catch your attention even before you walk into the park:

And inside there was so much more to see.

The boys with the Sith Lord
Lego elephants!

And the rides were fun.

Adeela and Zara on the Wave Racer
And no ride was too small, even for Mama!

Bilal was a little upset that he was too little for the Ford Driving School, and opted not to go on the Ford Jr. Driving School ride instead. But Hamza, Maaz, Saim and Iman had a good time. Hamza was teasing Safa about the fact that she was too old for the Ford Driving School. But of course, Safa retaliated by reminding him she has an actual driver's license and real car!

And of course, there was Miniland. Little Lego replicas of various citiscapes from across the country.

New York City
Las Vegas
Daytona Speedway
And look, a little Mini Cooper, just like mine!
All in all, a great day!


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