Friday, March 16, 2012

Headed out for a five day vacation

We will be driving to Orlando tomorrow, for Spring Break. Planning for a trip full of fun, although if you plan to hit three theme parks it's unlikely it will be very relaxing. But, as the Khan Family tradition dictates, taking a road trip is never that straightforward.

Bilal didn't finish his breakfast this morning, but I didn't think much of it at the time. He did mention not wanting to go to school, but again, I did not take this seriously, because Hamza is home today; his Spring Break has already started and Bilal would rather be at home with his brother. So, off he went. Zakir drove him to school, instead of sending him on the bus.

But just after 11am, I got a call from the school nurse, that Bilal had thrown up and was sitting in the clinic. So I went to pick him up. Apparently he'd puked once in a garbage can, and the second time on the way to lunch. I brought him home and he seemed to be fine, just complaining about his tummy hurting once in a while. Then he went to the bathroom, threw up again, and seemed to be fine. In fact after throwing up the first time at home, he came out of the bathroom and said, "I'd better have lunch, because I threw up all my breakfast!" So I cooked him some rice, and he willingly had a few bites. But less than an hour later he puked again, this time requiring a lot of clean-up. The strange thing is, as soon as he throws up, he's fine. Not even a tiny bit puny! That's an odd illness.

It's probably a virus, hopefully something that will be gone as soon as it started, but why does it have to be the day before we are going on vacation?! Anyone remember this failed attempt at a family vacation? We do not want a repeat of that. I'm sure we'll be traveling with a ton of plastic bags and a can of Lysol! So far no-one else in the house has shown any sign of the sickies, and hoping it stays that way!


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