Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Day 3 in Orlando

We drove down to Orlando on Saturday for Spring Break, bringing Bilal's bug along with us. Actually, he was starting to feel better and even ate a little bit of breakfast without throwing it up, but he did share...  a little bit. By Sunday I was feeling queasy with body aches, and this was soon followed by Hamza and Safa, who threw up, just a couple of hours apart, last night. We've managed to treat the kids symptomatically with Tylenol for the body aches and Benadryl for nausea, so it's not been too bad. And we've even managed to tackle all three theme parks without too much difficulty. So it could have been worse. (Insert blog post here) but it also could have been a little more enjoyable. Bilal handled Busch Gardens (Day 1) as well as he could, but he still wasn't feeling 100%, so he wasn't interested in doing a lot. Day 2 was Legoland, much better for Bilal, but not as good for Safa, since she was starting to feel sick. And today was Sea World. Not good for Safa, and marginally better for Hamza. But they awoke this morning insisting they were going to be fine, and really, really wanting to go to Sea World, so off we went.

We haven't had reliable internet service until today, so I haven't had a chance to post anything, but I'll be sure to catch up with the blog when we get home. For now, I'll just leave you with a picture from today.

Tomorrow is a day of rest and shopping; the proportions are yet to be determined, but we do hope to visit the Outlets. Hoping the sickies are completely gone by then!


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