Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Surgery update

Just a quick update while I wait here, waiting for Bilal to be released to go home. We got to the surgery center at 5:45, signed in, and we're almost immediately taken back for pre-op, vital signs and such. I briefly met with the anesthesiologist and then Bilal was taken to the OR. Turns out he was first case of the day. So I met with Dr. L just after 7am, and the procedure was already over. Everything went well; he found a lot of infection in the adenoid region. So adenoids are out and the nasal passages were thoroughly flushed. I wasn't allowed to see Bilal immediately after surgery, I had to wait for about 20-25 minutes until I was allowed to go back. But he was awake, with his cup of Sprite and sounding rather croupy. The nurses had already given him some liquid Lortab to help with the cough and sore throat. After they brought a humidifier into the room and Bilal settled down a bit the coughing improved. So we have read a book, and Bilal dozed off just as I was downloading another one to my iPad. We have received discharge instructions, and he has had a little more than half a cup of Sprite to drink. That's a great sign. We will be out of here and headed home as soon as we are permitted. Thankfully it has all gone smoothly. We will give him a few days at home to recover, they play it by ear about sending him back to school. If recovery from his other surgeries is any indication I have faith that he will be back to himself in no time.


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