Saturday, February 11, 2012

Slow progress

Three days post-op and Bilal is making slow, but steady progress. Last night was actually pretty bad, with more fever, crying with a sore throat and neck pain, and this morning wasn't much better. But after much fussing and fretting and whining and crying, he reluctantly took a nap, and actually woke up feeling a lot better. He is still blowing out gobs of snot, has a terrible cough that comes and goes, but his mood is a little better. Otherwise he's been Mr. Crankypants. I don't really blame the little guy; I know it still hurts, but he has really been milking it for all it's worth! I am thinking that if we get through tonight with a solid several hours of sleep, things will be looking up. Right know we're rather sleep deprived.

After two nights of Bilal sleeping in Mama's bed and Baba sleeping in his, last night we made him a bed on the floor in our room, so that Zakir could come back where he belongs. He'll be sleeping downstairs tonight too, but we are all ready for him to get back into the routine of sleeping in his own bed. Maybe tomorrow, I hope?

We have had our good moments though, yesterday we actually saw more smiles earlier in the day.

We have played too numerous to count games of Too Many Monkeys, and I think Bilal has won all but one of them. We've also had a chance to read some library books, although he would still rather I read to him, than the other way around. Lazy boy!

You might be able to tell from today's pics that his face is a little more puffy and he has dark circles under his eyes, but his smile (when I can convince him) is as bright as ever:

His elephant companion, Fuzzy and his blankie haven't left his side for days!

And he needs another hair cut!

Hamza spent the morning at Simmons Middle School, for a math tournament. I took Safa down to Hoover when we went to pick him up and we made a stop at one of our favorite music and book stores, 2nd and Charles. We ended up getting four great music CDs for $10.62, thanks to the cool selection of pre-owned music and my handy dandy Groupon. Yay, Groupon! Best creation ever, $10 for $20 of merchandise.


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