Sunday, February 19, 2012

Not much happening

We have had a lazy weekend for a change. No debate tournaments, no math tournaments, just time at home. We did get out on Saturday afternoon and took the kids to the Home and Garden show, and bought a couple of interesting things. such as my new Yofo, a cool device to use with any smart phone. And we took the kids to dinner in the evening, but aside from that did pretty much nothing.

Sunday wasn't much different; today was actually one of those rare days when I didn't get out of my pyjamas. And neither did Safa! Zakir took the boys to Sunday School and then to lunch, while we stayed at home and ate leftovers. So just another lazy day. We have, however discovered a fun game to keep us busy. For the last two nights, Safa, Hamza and I have played a board game called Sequence. It's sort of a cross between Connect Four or tic tac toe and a card game, that is part a game of strategy, and part chance. Thanks to Vicki who gave it to Hamza as a present. I  can see that it will keep us occupied during many, many evenings, right up there with our other favorite game, Phase 10.

And I apologize for the lack of current photos recently, I have to locate my camera, which is hiding somewhere in the house. I'm sure I'll find it as soon as I actually start looking for it!

Tomorrow the kids are out of school for a weather day, and Zakir and I head to work as usual.


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