Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A little unexpected

So you're probably tired of hearing about how often Bilal has been sick since he started school. But I'm hoping that we're nearing the end of it. As I mentioned before, over the weekend he started to get the junky nasal discharge again. And the hacky cough. I spoke to Dr. L, our ENT, yesterday; he suggested that we go ahead with the adenoidectomy. Apparently the recovery is not too bad, and kids will miss anywhere from 3 to 10 days of school. some bounce back quickly, others might be rather puny for up to 10 days. He suggested to go ahead this week, but I figured we'd need some time to adjust our schedules, make my necessary trip to Atlanta next Tuesday, etc, and then go for it on next Wednesday.

But this morning he woke up sicker that ever. Cough was worse, he kept on complaining that his throat hurt and he kept gagging and blowing out green gunk. So we had to keep him home from school. That's when we decided we'd have to go ahead with the surgery sooner rather than later. He can't just keep missing school!

So after a few phone calls Bilal has been scheduled for adenoidectomy tomorrow, at the out-patient center in Birmingham. We played around with the clinic schedule as much as possible, so that I can take off tomorrow, but Zakir will still have to work. He won't be able to come with us, at such short notice. Then I will work all day on Thursday and Zakir will be off with the baby. After that we'll take it day by day.

We would rather deal with a few days of yuckies than recurrent infections. We have explained some to Bilal, but naturally he is scared. We have to be at the out-patient center at 5:45am. I hope that means his turn will be early in the morning. Hoping all goes well with the procedure tomorrow.


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