Friday, February 3, 2012


It's been a physically and somewhat emotionally tiring week, but I can't end the week without sharing what's new.

I took Safa to Oneonta this morning to get her driver's license. Since she didn't take a driver's ed course in school she had to take the road test. We got to the basement office at 8am, and did the necessary paperwork, plus Safa had her photo taken. Then we hung around until 10:30 when the road tests are offered. She was the first of three to take her test. She had an idea regarding what skills would be tested, but it surprised me that the entire driving test only lasted five minutes. Then back to the dungeon basement office in the courthouse one more time to get a temporary license printed, and we were done. Just like that!

This is the first picture of Safa driving after getting her official driver's license. The actual ID picture on her license is not really that flattering. But not many ID pictures are!

It's another bittersweet moment; she is growing up and becoming so independent, and I am very proud of that. Yet, part of me still wants her to be the little baby she used to be.

Today she spent the afternoon at a debate tournament, and I brought her home at about 8:30pm. Tomorrow she will be going back to the tournament, and she will be driving herself. Sigh.


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