Thursday, February 16, 2012


And finally, Bilal is back at school. After a failed attempt yesterday, resulting in checking out barely 2 hours after getting to school, he was happy to go to school this morning. I did tell him I'd check him out early, so that we could ease him back into the routine, and that worked great. Tomorrow he is planning to go for a full day of school, and then there is a three day weekend to recuperate. He is still struggling to get his voice out, he has to strain a lot to talk and often we can't even understand what he is saying. But this should be temporary, while he is healing. When I took him to the ENT on Monday they repeated a nasal culture, and we should know tomorrow what antibiotic to put him on for his persistent sinus infection. I'm sure that will make him feel better too. It's been frustrating that we've felt he needed to be on an antibiotic, but his ENT did not want to start one post-operatively. Well, he's the specialist, but I also know my child. This, coming from a mom who typically treats her kids' and her own sinus infections with nasal saline and honey, rather than starting antibiotics! The good thing is, he's requiring less and less Tylenol or Ibuprofen, and had got a lot of his energy back. Still rather cranky and gets upset over the slightest thing, but I think he's just regressed a bit since his surgery, and hopefully this should get better with time.

And with him sleeping comfortably in his own room, Mama and Baba are actually getting some sleep too!


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