Tuesday, February 14, 2012

February 14

It would be terribly amiss of me if I didn't post at least something about Congenital Heart Defects awareness Day. It just happens to share the date with Valentine's Day. I honestly don't have a lot of energy to post much today; it's been a stressful, sleep deprived week for various reasons, and a few hours ago I just drove back from an overnight trip to Atlanta. But enough about that, Bilal is finally starting to make a turn around and today went to bed in his own room, instead of sacked out on the floor in ours! And if the night goes well we are thinking about school tomorrow. He still has a raspy voice and lots of snot, but has been in much better spirits. He actually went to karate this evening and was excited about the thought of school tomorrow. Sadly, he missed his Valentine's Day party at school today, but he really needed to continue to get some rest.

When we talk about CHD awareness we are aiming for earlier detection of congenital heart defects. Early detection can help prevent significant morbidity and mortality. Plus awareness of the condition can help channel funding towards research into prevention, and better treatment. There are many advocates working towards these goals, and I have a list of some of these on the right sidebar of this blog. Honorable mentions go to Cora's mommy, Kristine and Eve's mommy Annamarie who have been particularly constructive in introducing mandatory post-natal pulse oximetry screening. There are many other hard working advocates who are working at the federal and state level to promote this easy, non-invasive test that may help detect heart defects at birth. And the word is getting out. This year, in particular, many families have been interviewed by local TV stations and newspapers, and given an opportunity to share their personal experiences as parents of children born with heart defects. Considering approximately 1 in 100 children are born with a CHD, it is not an uncommon condition. If you are interested in learning more, you can check out this informative site.

I have already shared the details about the Pinterest CHD project. Go check out the board if you haven't already. Go ahead, who doesn't love Pinterest?

And here is my 1 in 100:


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